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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Being ranked high on the all-time list might not mean as much, as some generations might be more stacked than others.

I think the playoffs matter a lot more than a regular season. The playoffs are higher-pressure, rivalry is involved, and you can't pad your stats by beating up on bad teams like you can in the regular season. I'm pretty sure it's been shown in the NFL for example that team record against good teams is a better predictor of success than team record against bad teams. Playing against good teams takes a different skill set than playing against bad teams.

Finally, this is the most important point, the point of the game is to win the stanley cup, not the art ross, not the lester pearson, and not the president's trophy. I bet if you interviewed 100 random people at the bell center half of them wouldn't know what the president's trophy is, other than being a brand of overrated chocolate chip cookies.

ETA: I think I'm the only person here who sees Malkin as on par with Crosby.
Sure the goal is to win the cup. That's everyone's goal, including Jagr's. However, history has shown that one or two or even 3 player isn't enough. You can't downplay an individual based on team statistics. The Art Ross/Lester B Pearsons is an individual award awarded to players based on their own merits, regardless of their team. The only thing an individual can influence is his own performance, if his team isn't a cup caliber team has no bearing.

I think it would be unfair to suggest that winning the scoring race and being voted by your peers as the best in the world somehow negatively impacted your teams chances at winning a cup. Not that you're doing that here, but some things are out of your control, even if your name is Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky or Bobby Orr.

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