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12-17-2003, 03:56 AM
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I still don't think either Wild goalie will land much. Despite their regular season success, neither is a well known name, neither has dominated in the playoffs (why exactly did Lemaire rotate them in the playoffs? Because the other wasn't playing well enough to's doubtful Roli would have won the COL series and equally doubtful Manny would have won the VAN series), and neither has put up numbers over an extended period of time yet (multiple consecutive seasons).

Furthermore, there is an absolute glut of quality goalies in the NHL which drives down the need and trade value. This will get even worse later in the season when more teams will be looking to dump salary.

Lastly, any team that would really desire to make the effort to trade for a goalie would be a team that wants to win (i.e. a playoff calibre team). Chances are slim to none that any of those teams would trade for either of our goalies with the intention of having them be their starter. That leaves the purpose of their acquisition to gain a higher quality backup goalie (making a decent chunk of change).

That doesn't sound like it will land much. One might want to question the tradeoff as well, especially when one considers there is no guarantee the goalie left will perform up to snuff once he's more or less handed the starting job.

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