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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Thank you for making my point. Was going to use this example but did not want to be inundated with youtube requests.

Perfect example of one of his technical weaknesses. Blocker also holds the stick. A lot more efficient to sweep the puck away to safety with the stick then to try to control it with the blocker that was not designed for such moves.
What? Are you kidding? You frame it as though Hasek couldn't tell when it was safe to use his stick to sweep the puck away. Hasek didn't always drop his stick to go for the puck, he only did so in goal-mouth scrambles, where attempting to clear the puck by oneself is a risky proposition.

This is becoming kind of ridiculous. You've asserted that Hasek's rebound control was significantly worse than that of his peers on this list without basis, and are now hedging that by arguing that even when he controlled his rebounds he did it wrong.

I remember that Hasek always received a fair bit of skepticism in the mid-90s for "playing the game wrong" but I find it a bit strange to see that people still hold that position given his results.

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