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02-09-2013, 09:06 AM
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Nurse does have more potential, and looks certain to be a top 15 pick because of that. I wouldn't move up to get him though.

I actually like quite a lot of players this year. The obvious one is Valentin Zykov, his stock is rising all the time though and might ultimately end up a top 10 pick. A less talented Tarasenko in some respects; great work ethic, very physical, good hockey sense and above average hands. He seems the type of player that we'd like, and wouldn't be surprised to see us move up to get him if he is still around at about 15.

Alex Wennberg is just a great hockey player, does everything well. He could be a centre in the NHL, but I think he realistically projects as a winger.

Valery Nichushkin has a deal until 2015 in the KHL, which might see him slip. 6'3" and close to 200lbs and he is an outstanding skater! He can use his size and skating well to take control, but he is nowhere near as physical as he should be. He mentally switches off occasionally, in all areas of the ice and he needs to pass the puck more often than he does. He has 2 assists in the VHL this season, and there is a number of occasions where he has moved inside on a defenseman, had an teammate wide open for a tap in and he has tried to stuff it in.

I think Robert Hägg has top pairing potential, and might fall as far as the mid-20's. There is nothing outstanding about his game, but he does everything to a very good standard. Physical, offensive, quick, reads the play very well etc etc. He looks like the type of player who will effortlessly move up a level and basically play to the same standard.

Nic Petan as well. The only real knock on this kid is his size, and it isn't an insignificant issue. Smaller than McDonald and without his speed. He is exceptionally skilled though, and despite all the talent in the 8-35 range of this draft, I still expect a team to take a chance on him in the 20-25 range. I'd like to see us pick him up, but it depends on who is left on the board when we pick. If he was to go where many project (middle second), then I'd picking him up with the Ottawa second could be a steal.

Not sure what the reports earlier in the week about this draft not being as great as first thought are about. Top end talent is really there, and after the top 7 there are about 20+ players who are top 15 talent. I think that Wennberg is the only guy I listed that is certain to go in the top 12, the others have a chance of being available at least in the 15-20 range if we wanted to move up/

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The majority of our picks in 2012 were high risk, high reward guys. Schmaltz, Kurker, Maceachern, and Parayko all have a long way to go before they sniff the NHL, but all have the potential to be impact players. I kind of hope for the opposite. Somebody that will be a 2nd or 3rd line forward, or a 2nd pairing Dman in the reasonably near future, but maybe doesn't have much higher potential than that. I haven't even really looked at the draft class, so I can't name anyone in particular.
True, we went with a lot of high risk/reward players last year. I'm still not sure why we didn't go with Anton Slepyshev with our last pick. Even if we thought it unlikely that he leaves Russia, the chances of him changing his mind and developing into an NHL player are better than than Tyrel Seaman developing into an NHL player.

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