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02-09-2013, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Roof Daddy View Post
I'm not sure how Seguin has outshone Hall in terms of what each one personally brings to their team. Hall had the better numbers in his rookie campaign due to a greater role on a poor team. But even the numbers since then are more or less equal. Since their rookie campaigns...

Hall GP 71 G 29 A 34 pts 63 +/- 0

Seguin GP 90 G 31 A 42 pts 73 +/- +41

You can argue Seguin is the more valuable player because he is a center, but that is flawed because he has primarily been used on the wing. He has taken 114 draws in those 90 games. In fact, Hall has taken 67 draws, with nearly the same success rate. You could point to the huge gap in plus/minus, but Hall's team has been -30, Seguin's +73 over that time. Seguin has a ring, but if the Leaf's don't gift wrap 2nd overall to a league powerhouse then we're probably not even having this conversation. Basically, I don't think Seguin has outshone Hall, nor do I think Hall has suffered from having an important role from day 1. His only other option would be go back to junior where he was already a back to back memorial cup MVP. Nuffield said.

As for the OP, what a mess. Like it isn't hard enough being a Caps fan right now, we try and poach their top prospect. I mean, I wouldn't part with any of the big 5 either, but there is a significant drop after that for players that would interest the Caps. Bottom line, we didn't need 8 pages of rage, but we got it.
I wouldn't have argued any of those things. Don't care about center vs. winger - I wasn't commenting on value, only on development. What I would have pointed out was that in their rookie years, Hall played about 6 mins more a game than Seguin, including time on the pp. In their second year, Hall played nearly 2 mins more a game, played on the top pp unit and first line duties, while Seguin was playing largely on the 3rd line. I hate when HF's argue Cups as why one player is better than another - Cups are won by teams, not players. Also, +/- is going to be totally skewed between these guys, their teams are just in compete opposite positions.

Why should the Oil have thought to put Hall back down in juniors for one more year? Because he was tiny (relatively speaking) for the style of game he plays - which is balls-out. He could have used another year to get up to fighting weight. You are right, however, that if it isn't the Bruins that picked up Seguin, we probably wouldn't be having this discussion. Seguin was even smaller than Hall in their rookie campaign (only 175lbs) and would have (should have) almost assuredly been sent back to juniors.

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