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Originally Posted by Slapshot85 View Post
2016? Pegula wants a Cup within three years from the time he took over (maybe one of his big comments that he shouldn't have made.)
Fans aren't going to wait three MORE years for a team that has been mediocre in the last few years due to "potential" of it's young guys.
C'mon now, this is just a silly comment. You're on a forum that's technically about hockey's future; its prospects.

Besides, as Cup crazy as I know we are, sports shouldn't just be about waiting for a championship. There's something to be said about simply enjoying the ride. Our society is so black and white now with these things... if your team doesn't win a championship, they were all losers and it was a waste of a season. That attitude just irks me.

As far as Pegula is concerned, we have an owner who is not only fiscally solvent, stable, and entrenched in Buffalo (for contrast, see Phoenix), but one who also wants to win, regardless of the cost. Really, how much is there to critique?

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