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02-09-2013, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Antithesis View Post
If this isn't a result of what-have-you-done-for-me-lately.

Eminger is better than Gilroy. Eminger has always been better than Gilroy. The first time he fails to separate a 180lb player from the puck, or is caught behind the opposition net wandering up the ice, this will be remembered.

And while I don't like using stats as a basis for an argument, I'm going to reference them as support.

The numbers don't lie.

Gilroy has been on the ice for far less goals against on average. And since he isn't running around like he doesn't know what's happening, I refuse to put sole credit on his goaltender or his partners.

Gilroy simply is a player that because of his NCAA performance garnered a lot of expectations that he fairly hasn't reached.

The numbers don't lie. The team as a whole while he was in Hartford was allowing a lot of goals. And he was relied on to carry a lot of the offense. However in the NHL he's been more simple. In Ottawa and Tampa they put him a role that may have been too much for him. He's not a top four defenseman.

In New York, however, he was one of our better players in the playoffs his last year here before leaving as a FA, and thus far this season he has been solid in a limited #6 role.

He has "better" puck skills then Eminger. Better skater, though Eminger is a good skater in his own right. And so far it looks like Gilroy got a little stronger.

I'm very happy to have them both. They can both adequately and cheaply fill the bottom pair. Torts can use them both for 10 minutes with confidence.

But Gilroy brings a skill set that Eminger can not. He doesn't have the hands, the speed, or creativity that Gilroy does. And considering Matt hasn't been a liability, he has to stay in the lineup.

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