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02-09-2013, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Budsfan View Post
I think Carlyle's system, has Franson playing good two way hockey and I think that also applies to Holzer, first under Eakins and now Carlyle both employ a similar system, same applies to Fraser and I believe Kostka will also catch up and buy into that system too.

On the flip side Komisarek is not playing up to Carlyle's expectations but if he starts to listen and buys in, he may even earn the money he is being paid, Liles is a bit of a mystery he's a vetern and has played in a few systems however I think he is better suited to the Wilson system of run and gun, with less checking.

Phanuef is struggling a bit but I think he will be ok and so too is Gunnarsson, I think they can play in almost any system and will be great going forward and I'm not worrying about them.

Last but not least Gardiner, I don't think he can play Carlyle's system right now but he is such a dynamic player, the team has him learning the ropes under Eakins so that he can return at some point and become a dynamic 2 way player on the Leafs, much as Franson has.

So summing it up IMO Komisarek is the fly in the ointment and should be moved if possible and then Kostka because he is a UFA next year but is there any place for him going forward and hang on to Liles, at least for while.
Phaneuf has been switched to the left side after playing the right his entire career which is why he has struggled. Offensively at least. Defensively he's actually been better.

Komisarek was playing a lot better under Carlyle vs. RC. Then he got injured.

Gardiner still has his post-concussion issues and can't really be assessed one way or the other.

Liles is doing just fine. He is what he is at this point. A very good offensive Dman who is undersized and just okay defensively. The one complaint Carlyle is that he wasn't putting Liles on the 1st PP unit. Liles was a major reason our PP was so good in the first half of last year.

People get impressed by Franson because he has a nice shot but he is absolutely terrible at defensive zone coverage and getting the puck out smartly. He is almost always 2+ feet off from where he should be when the other team is attacking in our zone. 2+ feet doesn't sound like a lot but at the NHL level it is huge. Franson is a PP specialist that doesn't PK and 5 on 5 see the most insulated minutes of any Dman. Carlyle has only been playing him 14 minutes a night with about 2.5 of that on the PP and at even strength against the other teams worst players. Meanwhile AHLers in Holzer and Kostka have both got opportunities to play big minutes.

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