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02-09-2013, 11:21 AM
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I know I keep saying it, but I have no idea why this kid is not getting more buzz right now for what he is doing. there will be a smart gm out there that will weigh the risk vs reward and I believe snag him up in the first or second round. you cannot pass up on skill, and John Gaudreau is proving people wrong. I think Gaudreau is the best thing that happened to Cammarata as they both are ridiculously skilled and small, but teams overlooked Johnny and are regretting it now. I cannot see teams being as stupid again this year with Cammarata.

There is no guarantee that any player makes the NHL, no matter if your 6'4 or 5'6, but when you look at career body of work which Cammarata has proved not only can he play against people bigger than him his entire career, he simply DOMINATES at every level. When you have a kid this skilled and gifted he is worth taking that homerun swing on instead of trying to pick the next 6'2 plugger that likely never reaches higher than the AHL.

Maybe Calgary snags him up and has the mighty midgets of Gaudreau and Cammarata!! that would be awesome.

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