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02-09-2013, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by bohlmeister View Post
You guys can joke all you want. I don't mind alienating myself from the rest of the fan bases mentality. ROR is NOT a player that will be replaced. He is getting praise from almost every hockey analyst for a reason. He is an extremely smart hockey player, at the NHL level, at 22 years of age. You can draft for 15 years and never get a player like him. 5 Mill a year, long term, is not a risk on a player like him. You can't teach hockey IQ, and you can't teach work ethic. Those are his 2 best attributes. He put up all those points last season despite starting in the defensive zone, and playing against the NHL's best players. With how good Duchene is playing this season, against top competition, imagine him playing against every teams 2nd line. The hard stance taken by management is absolutely idiotic. If they let the possibility of having Duchene and RoR as your top 2 centers for the next 10 years pass then this rebuild has been a sham. They are clearly only doing it to save money.

The obvious move is to sign ROR, and trade Stastny. If they do the opposite they are imbeciles and driving this franchise into the ditch.
I'd be ok with trading Stastny over O'Reilly if they were both on the team, but they're not. Stastny isn't the one refusing to come back until he gets the long term deal he wants, and $5M is absolutely a risk for a player like him. How are you so confident that his point totals will grow or stay the same? He'll be behind two other centers, and could have the guy he had his best chemsitry with in Landeskog potentially sticking with Duchene for years to come. If his point totals dip to around 35 a year, that guy, no matter how many intangibles he brings to the table, and how he's the prototypical winner like Drury was, isn't worth anywhere near $5M a year.

It's come to the point of arrogance for him to expect the Avalanche to think that won't happen just on faith, instead of taking a short deal and proving it. How does getting your feelings hurt in negotiations make it a smart idea to hold out for a long term deal like this? That's the dumbest thought process I've ever heard. What is that going to accomplish other than keeping you out, hurting the team, and tarnishing your image. It's a lose lose. Either sign a short term deal, or ask for a trade. Publicly if need be.

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