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02-09-2013, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Rutkowski View Post
The LAPD is filled with them and those that don't report on the bad apples are just as guilty as the actual bad apples. I'd say the actually innocent and uncorrupted cops are at less than 5%.
Not saying the killer is right to kill here on this so that we are clear. But your reporting comment here is too black and white here. This same killer on the loose right now did a report on what was going on and he was fired along with having the courts stand by LAPD on their decision to fire him despite the killers claims that he was wrongfully terminated.

Lots of people won't tell on someone who breaks the rules at work, especially if it is at a private entity. Along with having management that will always stand up for each other; These same people know as well that Human Resources is not netrual as they claim to be. An HR rep will always defend to the death for another manager in the wrong over a non-managment employee in the right even if all of the evidence in the world shows that the manager is in the wrong. And for the reasons I have mentioned is why others won't report on someone, especially if the place of employment can find ways around laws and workplace policy regarding whistle blowing and retaliation.

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