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02-09-2013, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Vandalay Industries View Post
Once again Jagr-fans wakes up every ten games when the old man pops a couple of points just to vanish again for the next nine games.

I don't mind Jagr, but I do mind Jagrgodr's ability to keep talking about Jagr as if he was still the best player in the world.

He WAS one of the very best players for many years, so all I'm saying is: He is NOT one of the best players anymore. And I'm not one to rave about it everytime he leaves the ice without points, but Jagrgodr sure keeps raving about every shot Jagr has on goal and every nice pass he does, and I just can't stand that unrealistic attitude. That's all.

I would love for him to be realistic about Jagr just ONCE.
I know some of his fans have difficulty being realistic.

He's not one of the very best in the world any more, at least not over a full season. However, he's still a "star" (and not just a Dallas "Star") in the sense that he puts people in the seats, draws double and triple coverage, and still has amazing skill and the ability to take over games from time to time. What has yet to be answered is whether, when healthy, he can still take over a couple games in a playoff series.

I just wonder what fun it is to rain on the parade of the fans of Jagr and Dallas Stars? If you were a Stars fan, I could understand, but you were similarly vigilant about pointing out Jagr's weaknesses when he was with the Flyers.

I do think Giroux's performance this year is relevant, although it can also be attributed to missing Hartnell, off-season surgery, and "regression to the mean." Still, Jagr has a history of making good players look even better: Francis (who had his best seasons in his 30s), Straka, Nylander (signed a big contract with Caps in his late 30s after '07), Giroux, and I wouldn't be surprised if Benn had his best PPG season (despite being a late arrival). He also has a history of getting his team to the playoffs. When Jagr leaves a team, they often struggle (Pens collapsed, Rangers missed playoffs or couldn't get past first round, Flyers struggling this season).

We should be realistic. I think Jagr and Dallas fans would be happy with ~PPG and making the playoffs, so that should be the goal.

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