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02-09-2013, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
Not so fast there. We all definitely don't agree at all on the idea that a talented kid who is playing in his first 20 games in the NHL and has shown at times that he is very good is a "waste of a roster spot".

Muzzin is a rookie who is being paired with our #7 dman on most nights. He is being asked to step in and fill the skates of one of two of the more critical VET players on our team and so far for being a true rookie he is doing very well.

IF Muzzin were brought in and paired with WM or RS he would be doing even better than he has to date. The problem isn't with Muzzin, the problem is with having a rookie D paired with a #7 dman on a team that is without two of its top D and expecting him to be able to perform like nothing is wrong.

Not to mention the fact that the team has started off struggling too. I am pretty certain that DD would also have struggled a bit under the same circumstances (though differently).

Muzzin is a solid skater who plays good positional hockey but he is a complimentary Dman. As a rookie he should be paired with a stay at home experienced Dman who can keep him settled down and show him the ropes on the ice. Not a player who while good enough hasn't seen too many NHL games over the past couple of seasons himself.

I mean Amart was paired with a solid vet when he came up and so was DD and so was VV, you can't expect miracles from Muzzin when he is paired with DavisD. You just have to hope that he can hold his own which for a true rookie he has.
Muzzin is useless. I'm not saying he's the reason for this struggle or that he should replace Greene or Michell because this team has quite some more problems currently. He's just useless, no NHL player.

Sometimes I wonder if you get a dollar for every positive review.

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