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02-09-2013, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by hockey dude View Post
Up until this year I was more than satisfied with NHL game center. Have been using for the last three years while on the road. This year however, I began finding that games that should have been televised locally were not so I inquired and was told I had to phone and tell them the local IP number (can be found through Google) which was a pain in the rear end because no one would answer the phone for like forever. Did this a couple of times and found that IP number would change even in the same city from day to day so another 30 minute phone call of sitting and waiting was required. Finally totally PO'd after half a dozen times doing this wanted amswers and after a long wait once again got through to some guy from India who I couldn't understand and who had no clue where Tucson is. Had to to spell it and repeat it like 10 times till finally so PO'd I told them where to shove the service. Anyway just saying if you're ever trying to use while on the road good luck and if you do require some assistance you will be talking to some clown from India that doesn't even know the names of American cities. Truly still PO'd!! Back to listening to Panthers on the radio... I've been to seven worlds fairs folks and thought I'd seen it all!!
I DVR every game, but have to work some game (like tonight), so I just listen to the game on internet radio. Really love listening to Randy Moeller on radio, he is such a hoot!

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