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Teaching the Game

Originally Posted by GuineaPig View Post

No one can teach how Gretzky played the game. To most, that only enhances their opinion of him.

Basically, your critique is boiling down to "he played the game differently, he played the game uniquely. Therefore he is inferior to his peers that he outplayed." I can just imagine you arguing that Bobby Orr isn't a top 5 defenseman because "he excelled too much at the offensive spectrum of the game, a talent not intended for the position, in the process taking away opportunities for forwards (making him a bad team player)."
Coaches started teaching how Wayne Gretzky played the game in the late 1970's.

Gretzky converted dead zones in the offensive zones in the offensive zone into scoring zones. Prime example being how to this day offensive forwards play behind the net or goal line in the offensive zone. Evident to this day in how players like Sidney Crosby play the game and the future - Connor McDavid.

Likewise Bobby Orr who contrary to your opinion enhanced scoring by creating open ice offensively for his teammates.. Coaches started to teach defensemen how to play offensively and play the team's best skater/offensive player on defence.

That players cannot execute as well as Plante, Orr and Gretzky does not detract from the fact that their skills were and are teachable to this day and will remain so in the future.

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