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02-09-2013, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Prussian_Blue View Post
Edmundson is more physical and just as good, if not better, defensively.

I won't argue that Nurse has great long-term potential, and that is especially so where his offense is concerned, but all I said was that Edmundson was a similar player... I did not say that they were entirely comparable.

And, since you make the argument that Nurse likely goes top fifteen and "we" won't get him, it makes little sense to argue over whether or not he's "better," or if he has more long-term potential, than Edmundson.

I would love it if the Blues were able to add Darnell Nurse to their prospect stable in June... but I don't see the selection of a defenseman with the first-round pick as being the highest priority, no matter how good he is or how much long-term potential that defenseman may have.

There are forward issues in the system, particularly at C and LW, that in my opinion need to be addressed ahead of defense.

I know, I know... "best player available" and all that. But by your own admission, Nurse will probably not be available anyway when the Blues pick. And if through some stroke of luck he is available, I would still consider a big C/LW who is well along in his development curve to be the best player available for the Blues in their current -- and their near-term -- organizational situation.

Just my opinion, based on some amount of study of the Blues' organizational position at this time.
I would have to politely disagree with the statement in bold. I Don't see how the blues need another big C/LW, the organization is full of them with players like Gardiner, Jaskin, Beach, etc. I think the blues should pick a forward, but one that is a playmaking center.

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