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02-09-2013, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
If there's any truth to Dater's assertion that "people around O'Reilly" are pissed about Duchene's deal, I hope O'Reilly isn't listening to those idiots. Duchene came into this season wanting to prove that 2011-12 was an aberration and signed a deal that will allow him to do just that AND get paid handsomely the next tiime he's up for a contract.
It amazes me that people take anything Dater says seriously. It's quite clear at this point that he reads HFBoards -- hell, he used to post here before realizing that he was still considered a pariah -- and spins opinions that he reads here as "things he's hearing around the league."

I actually agree now that the "bridge" deal is fair. I just don't understand why the Avs have absolutely no flexibility on this.
Yeah, same here. It is fair. But like I alluded to earlier, I think its the Avs' stubborn refusal to negotiate whatsoever that has turned O'Reilly off. How do you go from trying to negotiate for more, only to be repeatedly told no, and then have to sign their initial contract with your tail tucked between your legs? For a proud guy like O'Reilly? It's easy to see how that would **** him off. I really don't see O'Reilly refusing to play for $3.5M under normal circumstances -- it's the "take it or rot" stance.

I think back to Anderson's comments post-Colorado trade about wanting to play for an organization that treats its players with respect and communicates with them. I know Andy is an unpopular guy around here, but in light of his situation, Mueller, Flash, Lappy, Bruno, and now O'Reilly? I guess for some it's easier to shoot the messenger.

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