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02-09-2013, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
What was White first incident? The beating who was it again with a dangerous bodycheck. Did anybody had a problem with that? Nobody. That's what "being tough to play against" also means. Not only doing the trap all over.
I was the first one to cheer. I think Fleishman deserved it, and as I said back then, it was done at the perfect time when we had an insurmountable lead. But still, I don't think it's something people do anymore, just drop the gloves and start pounding on a non fighter. Regardless, he sent a message and I supported it.

Then came the Ottawa game, which White was indeed dumb. Strangely, tons of players are being dumb WITHOUT being sat out immediately the game after, which is what happened to White.
The reason why tons of players can be dumb without being sat is because they tend to bring something else to the table than energy.

If Plekanec goes ahead and snows the other goalie and costs us a game, we know that he'll come back and win us maybe 5-6 games.

White ? No. White is never gonna win us games. So he sure as heck should be careful not to lose them for us since it's one of the precious few things that is expected of him. Fourth line energy players just cannot afford to cost their team the game with selfish decisions. They really can't because they're easily replaceable by someone who isn't brain dead.

So he sits, goes back and does another stupid thing. Problem is that CLEARLY the message of sitting him out after the Ottawa day didn't work.

Yes, White might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, yet, he is young. And what happens to young guy who's only feature is to play tough? It's to play tough at the wrong moment. What do we expect from kids? A flawless job? Thing is, a young Gally might miss a defensive assignment that will cost a goal. Not as spectacular as a beatdown, but we might nonethless have to blame those kids too for their inexperience but somehow, White can't be absolved from anything.
I didn't say a word against White after the Ottawa game. As you said, young players make mistakes, especially guys like White who play on the edge. I understood White went over the edge and that it was to be expected at some point. But doing it again the very next game he's reinserted ? That's where I draw the line.

To me, there is a gigantic difference between making a mistake on a play where you have a fraction of second to make the right decision and doing what White did (twice in back to back games nonetheless).

One is an honest mistake, the other is a lack of any thought. He either does not have the capacity to think while he is on the ice, or he does not want to.

We aren't talking about a missed defensive assignment here. It's not just a mistake in a fraction of second where you just fail to make the right choice. That happens to all players. We're talking about something that is 100% entirely in his control.

I honestly don't understand your argument of White being young and having to learn when to play tough. There's nothing to learn here, it's just common sense. It's not like there's a playbook where he has to learn "when we're up by 2 goals on the road with 10 min left in the third, I'll not let myself be goaded by Ott". It's just common sense.

I guess this is what happens to a team who has no clue of how to be tough. Somehow, the ones that are being tough have no choice but to overthink it and overdo it. Reason why Prust is on top of the penalty minutes. Same for White. Yet, every kid that will be making 1, 2, or 3 mistakes out there will be put on the ice the next shift so he'd learn from it. Here....we sit them out and ridiculized them on national TV. I guess we don't deserve tougher guys....any chance we can trade Ryan White for Ben Maxwell?
Do you see me complain about Prust? It's possible to be tough and not be a complete moron.

What bothers me the most is that he did it the very next game he was back. So if we sit him 5-10 games and put him back into the line up.. how long will it take before he does it again ? He does not appear to have the capacity to think on the ice. A player like him can't afford to just be dumb like that. We had that with Bégin... it didn't get better with time. Some guy are just dumb and will do dumb things. It's not even a matter of "learning". What is there to learn here ? It's common sense. You have it or you don't. I could have understood if he had done it again 10 games after having returned to the line up. He would have gotten complacent and forgotten about his Ottawa mistake, and he would have crossed the line again. That would be understandable. But the next game ? To me, it's ******** is what it is.

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