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Originally Posted by OKCDevil View Post
We have four climate changes each year. Besides, in the late 1970s Newsweek and others were lamenting the coming of a giant, sudden "Global Cooling." Has it happened? Nope. Nor will us in the south turn into ignited charcoal brickettes anytime soon.

People are moving to the south because of better taxes and nicer weather, as well as a better business environment. Period. Americans are voting with their feet and they are leaving anti-business states with terrible weather for low-tax, better cost-of-living, pro-business, nice-weather states.

I'd be horrified to live in the Northeast.
You do realize water table issues are gonna cause a severe problem in southern market real estate.

The projections are there, unless american`s stop showering something will have to change.

Anyhow I think far too many people get over hyped on living in the sun belt.

It`s an area that can managed easy growth, but understand that this easy growth is a dependent on constant growth.

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