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Originally Posted by Sojourn View Post
My general rule of thumb is: If it would **** me off to see someone doing it to my teammate, it's probably not something I should do.
Ah, the golden rule for hockey. I think that fits though. I was never looking for ways to play dirty or cheap, just to understand where the line was between physical hockey and the rules... and how it is applied. I see a big difference between shoving a guy out of the crease and two handing them.

When I played wing and would get around the net, their would be guys that would constantly push me in the back, try to jostle me around, etc and it has never bothered me -- I just assumed that was part of the game. Honestly, I wondered why my defenders did not do that much. Now, a lot of guys don't do that because I am rather slow and largely unskilled, and because I am 6'4, 240, with a good hockey beard and I do play with a lot of intensity. I suppose their are more people that choose to play around me than through me. Defense is a different challenge but I can't wait to play it. I guess I will find out how many knuckleheads their really are in my league now

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