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02-09-2013, 01:13 PM
Jack Eichylsma
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Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
Even if it may offend the O'Reilly camp, there are question marks about what kind of consistent offense he can provide at the NHL level. Wanting to see more of what he can do before committing to a long term deal is a reasonable stance.
Regardless, I don't think a deal with O'Reilly gets done unless the Avs move off that number. Offer $250k more -- something for O'Reilly to hang his hat on so he doesn't look like a complete fool for holding out, only to sign the same contract being offered all along. It is obvious that this situation will not be resolved positively if the Avs don't give a little.

For those of you saying O'Reilly has no leverage, you couldn't be more wrong. He has no obligation to sign a contract. He can play in the KHL, and his value to the Avs will only diminish. He's not going to sign that initial contract, and each day they don't sign him, they're less likely to get a good return on him. Are the Avs seriously so vindictive that they'll let one of their most promising prospects wither in the KHL, and not even get anything in return for it? His leverage is plenty: he can use the Avs' hard-headedness against them. And he'll make them look extremely dumb in the process.

You've made your point, Sherman. Play hardball with the Avs and you'll lose. Great. Now what's your exit strategy? Will you shoot yourself in the foot and hurt the rebuild just to make a point, or will you make a small peace offering so everyone can move on?

This situation is bringing some seriously bad press to this organization. Gotta imagine this will have ramifications on this team down the line, with their own players and other FAs. Can't imagine this battle was worth it in the long run. Good going, Avs.

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