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02-09-2013, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
This is where I completely disagree with most posters on here. No, O'Reilly has not had only "one good season." He's been a consistently good defensive player since coming into the league. Last year was a breakout year, but it's not like he was a mediocre or crap player before that. He just became a force at both ends of the ice. Like it or not, Duchene had a setback last season, and he acknowledged as much. O'Reilly has taken steps forward every year he's been in the league.

While I think the bridge offer is fair, I think it's silly to say that Duchene and O'Reilly have been relatively equal in their development thus far. That's why I don't think comparing the two contract-wise makes any sense. The only reason I think the bridge deal is fair is because it comes with the implied promise that if he proves to be as dominant a two-way player as we think he could be, he'll be paid handsomely upon the conclusion of that contract.
O'Reilly's first two years were good, but not $3.5m/y good. What type of value would you put on the first two years alone? No where near that much. Almost all of O'Reilly's value is based on last years performance. Lets not forget that O'Reilly got the best winger on the team on his line. How much of O'Reilly success has come from Landeskog?

O'Reilly and Duchene aren't the best comparables, but prior to this season Duchene still managed to produce 43 more points in 17 less games. With all things being equal that translates to 55 more points in equal games. Even with Duchene's slump he's still producing almost 20 more points a season than O'Reilly. That is a significant amount when it comes to negotiating salary. To think that O'Reilly deserves more than Duchene over the same period of time is madness. You can say O'Reilly should be paid for his defensive game and that's true, but the market pays more for offensive skill in the NHL.

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