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Originally Posted by Bill Ladd View Post
If I'm their GM I want Spooner so that he can eventually replace Weiss. Short of that I want a 1st and 2nd. If not from Boston, then someone. Lots of teams looking for a top6 center. I don't think it can be done wothout either a 1st+ or Spooner/Koko.

I don't think our D prospects carry much value and I don't think Knight has much value right now because of all the injuries. Spooner, Koko, Subban and our 1st are the futures that I think carry legitimate weight and one of which would have to be the centerpiece of any deal for a player that blows our skirts up.
Bruins don't need Weiss- btw Bill, love your writing and I'm sure you have access to the Calgary guys and maybe some other writers or hockey folks- ask them what they think of Iginla. I have got some interesting feedback and would like to hear if what you get matches what I get.

Also, Ryder is a better option- apparently he has found 'exercise' and is much sleeker and quicker these days able to get more separation and use his extraordinary shot.

Boston knows Ryder and Ryder certainly knows this team- I can not prove they are interested but there certainly were rumors they were impressed by his play.

I'm to lazy to look but I believe Ryder has 4 goals and Iginla 2 or 3 but even that aside I think that Ryder is not only better right now but is a better fit and would cost a lot less than Iginla. Calgary would probably want Boston's first, either Koko or Spooner to get a center, and take a shot at a guy like Caron. That is way to bleeping much.

Boston has no worries and with the Cap they can take their 3 second rounders all signed to the same deals and use them for three years to balance out other monies like what is going to go to Horton and Rask (I think Ference at about 3 mil is gone)

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