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07-05-2006, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by WestsideNYR View Post
Hossa, he is a bust, we gave him a year and he had no clutch goals, lacked motivation and can be replaced by quicker players that hit.
Okay, first of all, you're not going to find many quicker players than Hossa - he has no flaws when it comes to the measurables (size, strength, speed, shot, etc.). When he disappoints, it's because of the intangibles - "hockey sense," motor, finishing touch, etc. The reason people get frustrated with him is that he's got all the tools, but fails to put it together. They see Hollweg at 5'11" making absolutely the most of what he has (and I agree with TB, by the way, that he could someday play on the third line) and then see Hossa who is big, fast and perhaps the strongest guy on the team (that's according to JD, not me) look lost for half a game and they throw up their hands in disgust. (Then there's the contingent of fans that demand that a 6'2"+, 230lb+ player must pummel someone's *ss every other game otherwise he by definition sucks, but let's leave that out of this discussion.)

Second of all, am I the only one who watched the last 10 games of last season and the playoffs vs. the Devils? He was arguably our best forward during that stretch - and clearly played his position better than any other forward (except maybe Betts). That alone is going to get him on this year's roster (in my opinion). If you want additional proof, consider how the coaching staff expanded his role over the last 20%-25% of the season and the playoffs. You may not like it, but he is going to get every opportunity to lock up a 3rd, maybe even 2nd line spot. (Let the flaming start on the 2nd line comment...)

[Having said that, he does need to pick up where he left off last year. If he slips back I will be -grudgingly- agreeing with those who want to ship him off. I have a good feeling, though, that this will not be the case.]

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