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02-09-2013, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
come on now...

game is tied when the kid goes into the box, and when he comes out of it, we're trailing by two.
Where did I mention it was fine? Where? I did call it "dumb" didn't I? But enough to automatically sit him the next games? For one incident? Again, if it works for him, should work for the others. Besides....I stopped counting ALL the dumb penalties every freakin NHL player took that didn't translated into a 2-goal deficit...that's because they have something called....a good PK. Maybe the coaches should concentrate in addressing this....

Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
The reason why tons of players can be dumb without being sat is because they tend to bring something else to the table than energy. If Plekanec goes ahead and snows the other goalie and costs us a game, we know that he'll come back and win us maybe 5-6 games. White ? No. White is never gonna win us games. So he sure as heck should be careful not to lose them for us since it's one of the precious few things that is expected of him. Fourth line energy players just cannot afford to cost their team the game with selfish decisions. They really can't because they're easily replaceable by someone who isn't brain dead.
White fills a void that this team doesn't have. He won't score you 3 goals, but White and Co brings that energy level and agitating level that this team rarely had. He clearly ads to the winning possibility of this team, not alone but as complementary to the Plekanec and Co. He's obviously working on a shorter leash compared to the stars of this team. Of course. But there's a freakin limit to the length of that leash. For example....right now....I'd sit Armstrong WAY MORE than I'd sit White. But Armstrong is a vet...and a Therrien protege....Seems to me like it's vet protection once again....Yet, Armstrong DOESN'T bring the physical element and he's totally off most of the time that he plays PK which is why we should play Eller in those situations. But with Armstrong in the lineup. we play a guy who clearly won't be re-signed next year and who shows us why Toronton didn't like him.

Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
I honestly don't understand your argument of White being young and having to learn when to play tough. There's nothing to learn here, it's just common sense. It's not like there's a playbook where he has to learn "when we're up by 2 goals on the road with 10 min left in the third, I'll not let myself be goaded by Ott". It's just common sense.
Common sense is all about the strategy that you use in a hockey game. You have time to study it, you apply it, you think the game and how it should be played. Being a "tough" guy or agitator, is mostly about reactions and adaptation. Not sure we can apply any "common sense" here 'cause it's often about how fast the game and how fast you react to certain situation. And experience only dictates how great you are at reacting vs taking the number and react later.

Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
Do you see me complain about Prust? It's possible to be tough and not be a complete moron.
No. What's it is called is experience....Tough to pretend that White is indeed a complete moron since we don't know him and since he does seem to know what he did was wrong. What he need to control is his temper, is his lack of inexperience in those situations at a higher level, and it's his tendancy of bring the tough of the team. I guess he doesn't want to leave Prust with all those assignments so he's taking it to the other level which he shouldn't. Let's hope it comes down with experience.

Originally Posted by onebighockeyfan View Post
Got a stupid penalty for holding the stick and told the ref to **** off. Double minor, two goals. Lost the that game all by himself. The 4 minutes for being dragged in by Ott was beyond stupid. Changed the momentum of the game and cost another two points. I like White but he's cost the Habs four points. We might miss the playoff because of his stupidity.
So White told the ref to **** off...which is something EVERY player is doing but White is also an easy target for the refs. I mean, didn't Therrien, who is a supposed changed man, said to a ref "**** off" when the ref was going to the bench trying to explain his penalty? How disrespectful is that? Don't you think it's not going to be talked amongst officials? Is it that an obvious gesture of lack of respect for an official that, contrary to some others, was willing to talk to the coach to explain himself?

Oh and if in the end the explanation is that White cost us a playoff spot...that would be the mother of excuses....which aren't allowed anymore. I would also tend to think that the PK is also something we should have look at but that's just me.

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