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02-09-2013, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by reidy View Post
As long as the travel ban is lifted by mid-afternoon they're going to play, might even play with that in effect too.
Travel ban is lifted as of 4pm:

I'm still not going into work. My corporate stooge of a boss has been trying to argue that I'm "essential personnel" since yesterday at noon.

I'm not (essential or even critical). Even then private retail such as hardware (my gig), gas, food markets (not restaurants) are under the "critical personnel" in order to provide "operations" of the facility. It's a teir down from hospital, police and other such positions. Either way I'm critical nor essential to the place, it's management that is . I even called the governor's office and the state police. My particular job at the store is not critical to its operation. I can't open the store, unlock the doors, activate registers, ring a purchase up, handle cash, turn off alarms, I don't have a single key (key-carrier as it's referred to).

I asked the staties if I slide my truck into a snow bank and gave them my position at the store as the reason, they'd arrest me.

Yet the first statement out of either corporate shill was "you're essential". One even went to the extent of saying he heard Governor Patrick say it. Which is a flat out lie, he never once mentioned anything about private retail being "essential". In fact the only mention of anything of that ilk was from the head of MEMA and his caveat was that if you were needed to "open the store".

I understand these guys are under immense pressure and probably have all their eggs in one basket (retirement, career, mortgage), but I consider risking my life, limb, wallet and freedom through disingenuous coercion,very serious.

When I worked at the VA I was essential, I worked in the kitchen, patients need to eat. But during snow emergencies the clerks, HR, even some of housekeeping didn't come in, nor did they have to. Hell the dieticians didn't even come in, no need for any radical changes in a single day. Never mind a travel ban which is even more restrictive.

end rant....../

Sorry had to get that off my chest.

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