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Originally Posted by volaju View Post
It amazes me that people take anything Dater says seriously. It's quite clear at this point that he reads HFBoards -- hell, he used to post here before realizing that he was still considered a pariah -- and spins opinions that he reads here as "things he's hearing around the league."

Yeah, same here. It is fair. But like I alluded to earlier, I think its the Avs' stubborn refusal to negotiate whatsoever that has turned O'Reilly off. How do you go from trying to negotiate for more, only to be repeatedly told no, and then have to sign their initial contract wi1th your tail tucked between your legs? For a proud guy like O'Reilly? It's easy to see how that would **** him off. I really don't see O'Reilly refusing to play for $3.5M under normal circumstances -- it's the "take it or rot" stance.

I think back to Anderson's comments post-Colorado trade about wanting to play for an organization that treats its players with respect and communicates with them. I know Andy is an unpopular guy around here, but in light of his situation, Mueller, Flash, Lappy, Bruno, and now O'Reilly? I guess for some it's easier to shoot the messenger.
I think it is painfully obvious that at this point we are not a top tier organisation.
It starts with the complete disinterest of the ownership group.
The Kroenkes don't give a damn about the Avs. Josh cares about the Nuggets and the Avs are the ugly step sister you have to take along to get the hot girl. They won't lose any money on the Avs. That is for sure.
Lacroix is a moron. Or at least time has passed him by. He has way too much say. This incestous "hiring from the inside"- concept is horrible and the only good thing is that it is saving the Kroenke's dough.

Sherman is not a good GM but again "hire-from-the-inside" and I don't know how limited he is. But I absolutely despise his handling of free agency. Worst. Ever. And I would say that even without counting ROR.

The trades for Mueller and Fleischmann were great for us. But what is the point of making a trade if you let all the assets walk at the first possibility without any compensation. We traded Wolski (who had some value at that point) for 30 games of Mueller. Did we get unlucky? Sure. Was there any reason not to give them another shot and if it fails get at least something in return?

The Liles trade was horrific. He got incredibly lucky with Varly. Imagine this injury situation last year (and maybe add last years Duchene) and we hand them Yakupov.

And the biggest fail was resigning this moron of a coach. But again. "Inside of the organisation"

I could understand ROR wanting the hell out of there to a certain extent. But that is not the case. At least it does not seem like it.
ROR is a childish,fake-team guy who only cares about money. Good riddance sir.

Time to tank. And if we do and Sherm brings back Sacco next season I will cool on the Avs. There is just no reason to get up during the night for this organisation anymore

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