Thread: Rumor: Pens eyeing Kulemin
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02-09-2013, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Jules Winnfield View Post
Who is pushing the Kulemin to Pittsburgh train in this thread? I don't see Pens fans in this thread dying to have Kulemin on the team. He's a good player but not at some of the prices that have been requested.

Then again, we can point out that we're fine without Kulemin and have won the cup previously with Fedotenko/Talbot playing with Malkin, a trade for a guy like Guerin (which are all truths) and we're all arrogant and entitled.
Go ahead and read the thread again then, almost every Leaf fan says they don't want to trade him.

I'm not challenging whether Pittsburgh is 'fine' without Kulemin, but there is at least one 'top 6 fwd to Pittsburgh' thread per week. A lot of the fan base wants to improve on a top 6 winger or two. I tend to agree with them that and upgrade could be helpful, but I've also said in several threads that they don't need a star such as Iginla or Perry. Both would unquestionably be great in Pittsburgh, but Malkin and Crosby don't need stars, they need complementary top 6 wingers with hockey IQ and finish. Lee Stempniak is an example; solid 3 zone player with good speed, IQ and a heavy shot. I proposed a deal involving him for a 2nd round pick and it was pretty well received by both fan bases for the most part.

The entitlement comes from 'Leafs should trade one of their few good players to us because we want him, regardless of Toronto's organizational needs' ... The arrogance is 'you disagree with me in regards to value, yeah well, Leafs suck, no playoffs, dumb management etc. I cheer for better team that employes the two best players so my opinion is more valid then yours.

Most Pens fans that I've encountered on these boards, and at the Mellon (will see Consol for the first time in March, super excited) are a pretty good bunch. I suspect the small but outspoken minority are the ones who joined the ship after '05-'06 and will jump ship if/ when the Penguins are forced to rebuild after Malkin/Crosby/Letang etc are gone or retired. Those are the fans that my comment was directed towards, because nobody who saw the rough years could dare feel any entitlement; they're all pretty humble and happy they still have NHL hockey.

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