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02-09-2013, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
Obviously. Would we, the fans have voted him in if Markov weren't there to cover up all of his flaws?

Point remains, Markov makes/made everyone better.

Absolutely. I've never seen someone chip the puck off the boards so extravagantly before. Lol. But that's not to take away from his ability, because it's obvious that he's got potential. Just sloooww down there guys. Look beyond the flashiness and judge him accordingly.
The decision making comes with time, and being able to watch/talk with Markov will just accelerate that. He has the strength, puck handling skills and skating ability to defuse tough situations in our defensive zone like no one else on our team. I've noticed what you're pointing out in seasons passed, but in the games I've watched, haven't seen all of them and that might be why, I haven't noticed him making poor decisions really. In fact I've noticed him making the simple pass after he's made the first fore checker miss the majority of the time.

Really, most levels of his game are already at a top tier, if not elite, level. The things he needs to improve on most are things that take time and experience. The good news is he's still very young, especially considering how long it usually takes dmen to even break into the league. His decision making, and ability to read the play will improve as he gets older, and if he is able to develop that part of his game to near Markov's level, it would be unreal.
Markov's ability to read the play is uncanny. Even with his decreased mobility, due to his injuries I assume, he's always right on players receiving passes in the neutral zone, breaking plays up before they even have time to materialize.

Anyway, the Habs are fun to watch right now, and I hope they can keep this up all season.

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