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Originally Posted by SniperHF View Post
7950 arrived. All tested up. It runs 10 degrees cooler than my 6950 and it's quieter.

3dmark11 score goes from 5103 to 7661
3dmark13 combined score goes from 1487 to 2639
Witcher2 FPS average jumped from 66 to 75, using my normal settings.
Metro2033 went from 52.67 to 68.7 FPS avg
Crysis 3 actually got worse, but as I discovered yesterday it's CPU bound even on a 2500k.

Overall about what I expected, and my game code card was included If it stays stable for a week or so I'll sell my 6950.

nice improvements there, btw. ...and i wouldn't put too much stock on how Crysis3 is at the moment. that should get better via final game optimizations and driver updates. the final product should be all good.

since i started playing Borderlands 2, i decided to put 1 of my old gtx460 cards in there as a dedicated physx processor.

borderlands 2 doesn't have any benchmark as far as i know, but you could tell that the game played better with the 460 in there and physx on 'high'. more stable framerate during big gun fights, etc.

mafia 2 has a benchmark, so i ran that :

gtx680 + gtx460 dedicated to physx = 75.9/ Rank B

gtx680 doing all the work on its own = 45.5/ Rank C

that's in 1080p with maxed detail settings/ high physx.

so a pretty big improvement there, by looking at that.

gonna have to try out Hawken sometime:

and Planetside 2, as well as a few others again that support physx.

tried the Batman Arkham City benchmark and didn't notice much of a difference there:

680+460 as physx (dx11 maxed settings 4xmsaa/1080p):
min = 24fps
max = 110 fps
avg = 65

680 on its own with same settings:
min = 26
max = 104
avg = 62

in the setup for Batman Arkham City is recommends a gtx570 and minimum gtx 460 for high physx i'm at/beyond what they recommend there.

anyway, Borderlands 2 seems to have a pretty good improvement ...and since that's what i'm playing now, i'm pleased at the moment. that game has some of the best physx i've seen yet.

here's a vid showing some of the effects. really helps with the immersion and its pretty impressive to see all the particles flying around during some of those gun fights, etc. ...

Originally Posted by BeBen View Post

Zodiac baby we might be able to strike a deal, i have no interest in Crysis 3 but i know you do
yes, i might be able to do something about that.

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