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Originally Posted by Osprey View Post
I just want to say that I don't like that this poll was created only two hours after the most controversial move.
You think trading a 2nd + conditional pick for Cloutier is more controversial than Demitra for O'Sullivan + 1st?

I gave him a 7, and this is after my head's cooled.

These are things he has done in his short time here:
- Brought in Hextall (good ++) and Crawford (decent +)
- He traded Demitra for O'Sullivan + 1st (very creative and impressive +++)
- The players drafted are decent, but I'm going to score him down for drafting Bernier with the 11th overall... I would have preferred Sanguinetti over him, and that says a lot (-)
- Brought in competitive, gritty leaders, such as Thornton, Willsie, and McCauley (+)
- Signed defensive help, who I'm willing to give another chance at this point, with Blake (+)
- Made a plan to build a team of competitive players, with good character... and is, at that moment, sticking to this plan... clearly he wants to address what happened to the team last season (+++)... This is perhaps the most important thing.
- Got pwned in a trade for Cloutier, by paying a 2nd round pick for an injured goalie on a team in cap trouble, and Cloutier's arguably a marginal improvement over Garon (--)
- Isn't very clear in his direction for the team this year. This team does not look like a cup contender, and I don't think we're going to do poorly enough for a high pick. I'm worried we're going to have another season of mediocrity (-)

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