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02-09-2013, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Bardof425 View Post
Obtuse? And your family told you that your 5th grade education would never help you in life? Without doing a ton of research, the Bruins and the Devils would have absolutely no interest in this guy especially at his salary. They are both getting better output from their 4th liners for less of a cost. The guy as stated A MILLION TIMES (which you willfully ignore; see what I did there?) can play on the 4th line. No problem. He's fine in that role; nothing great. Fine. But all this chatter about him being a good 3rd line player or someone who should get PP time because he's big is truly what's silly. I agree he is an asset; just not an overly valuable one.
You don't need a fifth grade education to see that Boyle is a pretty good hockey player. Not great mind you, but decent. Forgetting everything you learned after the 5th grade might explain how people come up with some of the silliness that is said about Boyle. In that sense, I think obtuse or ignorant is being charitable so I'll make this easy.

We have a coach who is very spare when it comes to giving compliments to players. Go back, listen to what he has said about Brian Boyle the last two seasons.

Does the guy need to be handled gently? Of course not. Tort's certainly has not held back when it was appropriate. Fair criticism is always called for. But saying some of the things that have been said as recently as within the last few posts merits the comments I've made.

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