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02-09-2013, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Liberati0n View Post
Exactly. I don't know why people are so incapable of precisely understanding what they see or hear. They create their own impression of it and, like you said, just run off the reservation with it.
Funny, I don't see how people can be so incapable of understanding how others may perceive things differently than themselves. And just run off the reservation with their dictionary under their arm, scratching their heads.

I feel his actions speak louder than his words. GM speak is almost laughable to me. I try and read body language, or expressions. You are obviously not a detective.

You use an extremely strict interpretation of all you read and hear.

It's a hockey board. Not an English Thesis.

We are talking about George here.

Excuse me if I perceive his parsing of words and distortion of his true intentions while attempting to appear be open and direct, differently than you.

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