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Originally Posted by OKCDevil View Post
I beg to differ. I think we're only one phase into this massive move from the north to the south. In 20 more years I think it'll be entirely different.

I've stressed this matter several times on here already. It's important for the NHL to keep a presence in the south. They'll just be going back one day when the population shifts fully. Also, this is why the Big Ten is looking at taking ACC teams from the southeast - they want to have a population footprint to draw off of in the future.
What do you mean when the population shifts fully? The future is unclear, especially when it comes to opportunities. South is not a sure greener pasture, well it is now. But it doesn't mean growth in the south is equal to the population in the north shrinks.

As an immigrant to North America, I know for a fact that yes, opportunities attract people, but living in a populous city is a lot harder especially in jobs. I was born in a +40 million city and immigrated to a city with 750K, and honestly, opportunities are better in a smaller city. Movements to the south is only conditional and not permanent.

Let's not assume that every person from NE is a hockey fan, and let's stay clear of population = viability in hockey. 'Cause clearly it's not.

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