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Originally Posted by fst6 View Post
Edmonton led non-playoff teams in the west for goals. Didn't say depth btw, if you think that Toronto's top two lines are better offensively than Edmontons are than you are silly. I don't even like Edmonton, in fact, they are one of my least favorite teams.

Also, Toronto having more goals last year doesn't mean they are better offensively. If Edmonton doesn't have any defense to move it up to the forwards, they aren't going to score.
First off the bold part is a very important part of offence in the NHL and goes exactly with what I said.

Again ... scoring depth would be another really important part of NHL offensive game.

"Edmonton led non-playoff teams in the west for goals"

Whoopee ! They scored more goals then the offensive power houses of Calgary, Minni and the Jackets. While Toronto was top 10 and added offensive punch this year.

Guess what Oilers .. Bottom 5 in goals to start the season.

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