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02-09-2013, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by MtlPenFan View Post
Neal's penalty? The game is out of reach to begin with, gets hit in a way that went unpunished even though we got nailed for it earlier, and he takes a slashing call.

No, taking a hissy fit isn't fun to watch, but you have to understand why they were getting pissed to start with.
I realize the refs were atrocious today. Nobody here is claiming the game was officiated well. Those of us that are angry are so because the team decided to stop playing hockey after it was apparent the refs were going to be calling anything and everything (and some things that didn't even actually happen). There were bad calls against the Devils too, and it didn't drive them to stop playing a solid brand of hockey.

Saying the refs were awful, and they ruined the game for the Penguins is justified. Just like saying a good portion of the penalties against the Penguins were easily avoidable calls. Martin's penalty for hooking or holding (don't remember which it was) was avoidable. Sure, Zajac skated into Martin's lane, but they're both entitled to that space. Keep your damn stick from going around the guy's midsection and skate your ass off. This isn't the 90's, hooking on a play like that is going to be called every single time.

I don't know. I realize the refs were simply awful today, but our team did absolutely nothing to reel it in discipline-wise and continue to play a solid game.

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