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Originally Posted by JetsFlyHigh View Post
What do you mean when the population shifts fully? The future is unclear, especially when it comes to opportunities. South is not a sure greener pasture, well it is now. But it doesn't mean growth in the south is equal to the population in the north shrinks.

As an immigrant to North America, I know for a fact that yes, opportunities attract people, but living in a populous city is a lot harder especially in jobs. I was born in a +40 million city and immigrated to a city with 750K, and honestly, opportunities are better in a smaller city. Movements to the south is only conditional and not permanent.

Let's not assume that every person from NE is a hockey fan, and let's stay clear of population = viability in hockey. 'Cause clearly it's not.
The future is ineed unclear. But the recent past and present sure aren't. The great manufacturing belt of the US upper midwest is long dead and gone and, for the past 30 years, has resulted in a lack of opportunities and hence people are moving to where the jobs are, which is not the Big Ten region. The South and Texas are the big destinations now and in the near future for a multitude of reasons. And I'm not just talking the mega cities like Atlanta, Houston and Dallas. I'm talking places like Oklahoma City, Nashville and Charlotte, which is bordering on becoming a major city in its own right, to Albuquerque and the like.

The US has always had a major focus on the upper midwest, from the post-Civil War days up through the 1970s. All I'm saying is the country is trending to the south and states such as NY, Michigan, Ohio, etc., will continue to lose Congressional representation over the course of the next 50 years while southern states will add seats. That's a big indicator.

As for the 40+ million part... are you from Tokyo? That place is 32 million or so and is the largest metro area in the world. Just curious on that part.

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