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02-09-2013, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by rockinghockey View Post
Lets say that they all pan out and pay the FAB 5 6mil each. That is 30 mil. That is not for another 3 seasons when they have to sign Yak though. I can see the cap hit being about 66mil so that would leave 36 mil for the rest of the team. The big thing is the 3rd and 4th lines will only average 1mil each so that is 6mil and that will leave 30 mil for the rest of the team. I can see it working out.

Hopefully Dub keeps proving himself and is a legit number 1 goalie for us. He doesn't have to be a top 5 but a top 10 in the leauge will really help us.
No.. unless you are paying for ahlers. Paajarvi-Lander-Jones will cost about 7 mil. Bottom line should be about 3 mil. Then your 8 mil for your other 2 top 6 forwards, and you are up to 48 mil for your forwards and a D. Dub will get 5 if he proves himself as a top 15er, Smid will be about 4.5 mil, Petry and Klefbom will get 4 mil, N. Schultz will stay around 2 mil, And Fistric about 2 mil.
Rough description;
F line 1: Hall-Nuge-Eberle -> 18 million
F line 2: Top 6 LW-Gagner-Yakupov -> 14 million
F line 3: Paajarvi-Lander-Jones -> 7 million
F line 4: 3 million

D line 1: Schultz-Smid -> 10.5 million
D line 2: Petry-Klefbom -> 8 million
D line 3: Schultz-Fistric -> 4 million

#1 goalie: Dubnyk -> 5 million
Backup: 1 million
~70.5 million, which I expect it to get back up to by Yak needing a contract.

I'd offer something around Gardiner+Kulemin+2nd for Hall. Gardiner-Schultz obviously, and a good role model Russian for Yak.

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