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02-09-2013, 03:41 PM
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I love when you beat people and they chat you after to say you suck and stuff haha

I just beat a guy "JohnSmokeyBones" or something in the finals of a tourney, and he chatted me after and was like "you deserved to lose that game" and it was just funny. Because I had 14 shots to his 11, 9 hits to his 6, and I had THREE breakaways (he did flying pokecheck on the first two, and then I anticipated him doing it again on the third and was wrong) whereas I gave up ZERO and he still felt the need to say I suck.

Its not even like I play a cheesy all-speed looking for breakaways all game sort of style. I just use saucer passes down the boards a lot and I am alright at dekeing. Like I said I had 9 hits which is pretty good. The guy had like half of his shots from the blueline, no real good scoring chances.

Sometimes when guys play really cheap I will call them out (floating and letting computers play defense, just having an all speed time with 0 hitting, constantly overriding the goalie to do flying pokechecks) but I didnt do that at all, I play the game the way it should be played haha. Ugh

Oh well, I won so it doesnt matter

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