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02-09-2013, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by FakeKidPoker View Post
There really is no argument for having Sakic or Yzerman over Messier.

Yzerman was probably the worst captain in the league before Bowman got a hold of him..and he was not liked at all at the start by Bowman.

There is a classic tale where Bowman suggested to Red Wings owner Mike Illitch that the Red Wings trade Yzerman and use the money saved to get the Detroit Tigers a good starting pitcher.

Sakic a great player of course I have him slightly ahead of Yzerman but there is no question they are both a tier below Messier.
I think that's a bunch of bull. In '96 he was a choker then in '97 he became one of the best leaders of all time... lol.

The media likes to make stories and that's the way it goes. When you win you get the leader label and when you dont... well, you're labeled a choker. Now suddenly Yzerman was a great leader... Whatever man.

Totally different styles. Messier was loud in the dressing room and Yzerman led by example. Leaders come in all different forms.

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