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07-05-2006, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
Not to start this debate over again, but you just gave his exact MO. Remember how he started the year. Very good camp, and a solid first 9 games. Then he disappeared until January. Had a week-long hot flash and promptly disappeared until the end of the year. IMO, what happened in those 10 games is nothing but the natural bell-curve of what Hossa is. He has a stretch where he scores 3 goals in two games. Then he may even go out and get an assist in the next 1 or 2. Then, about 4-5 games in, he will not score anything but still play well and make himself noticed. This will go on for 2-3 games. And then, he promptly begind to plummet until he is invisible and is not heard from for the next month.
Then, the whole cycle begins again. Or so I believe.
Absolutely true. But the coaching staff saw something with about 20 games to play where they started giving him more responsibility (specifically putting him on the PK). Whether or not we all saw it then, I think we can all agree that towards the end he picked it up for about the last 10+ games AND the entire PO series, when we can all agree again, everyone else was sucking it up. His last run was his best and longest that I remember. TB, you certainly know that I've always been a fan of the potential, but his last stretch was his best that I've seen.

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