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Originally Posted by thedonger View Post
if the one60's weren't stiff enough for you, then flexlite 3.0's will definitely not be stiff enough for you as flexlites in general tend to have a pretty soft boot throughout the line...with the exception of the 4.0 pro.

the u+ 12's are a really stiff boot so that may be what you're looking for...but as always, fit is king.
I think the issue with the One60 is that while they were "stiff" they didn't offer enough support around the ankles. I couldn't get them tight enough where my ankle had enough support and my foot would wobble around.

Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
In that case, I would gamble on the U+12. They're amazing skates, but to get the optimal fit, you really do need to get them baked properly. You can pay your LHS to do that.
I ended up going to a shop about an hour away to try on the U+12. Unfortunately they weren't verry comfortable for me in the size I needed. It was too loose in the heel and didn't lock it in. There were some other fit issues as well. Also tried on a pair of Nexus 400 and 600 and they were pretty nice. Had a lot of volume and really felt like the skate wrapped around my foot well. But the shop also had a pair of Easton EQ50 on clearance that fit really well. It reminds me of the older Bauer Comps back in the 90s. This is what I really was looking for in a skate and found it.

I liked the Nexus line, it reminded me of the MLX skates I tired for a bit, but it was just a bit different. Also the 400 and 600 were entry/low mid level skates where as the EQ50 was top of the line. The EQ50 had more support and more padding and to me seems like a better built skate.

It was heavily discounted to boot so I picked up a pair. Almost want to pick up another as a back up.... but really, I'm a goalie and don't think I'll be going through multiple pairs of skates in a few years..

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