Thread: Injury Report: Peter Regin: Chest Injury
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02-09-2013, 05:08 PM
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He's had a history of shoulder injuries
Totally agree. So am I supposed to be happy that a frequently injured player is out but it's not a shoulder injury?

He is a fragile player. Period. End of story. When a guy drops out of your lineup because he got bumped in the chest it is not good. It requires an unnatural juggling of lines and can be the difference between winning and losing a 1-0 game.

Peter Regin is not a tough player. I like his skill set but believe it to be utterly replaceable. When he plays against top-6 guys he looks overmatched. When he plays against bottom-6 guys he looks good until they remember that he's made of glass and slam into him a few times knocking him out of the game.

And lest you think me a Euro-hater I will say this. Alfie doesn't come out of the game because he's bumped in the chest. DaCosta got rocked by Phaneuf in a game last year and played the next shift. Silfverberg blocked a shot with his hand two games ago and valiantly played the remainder of his shift.

This isn't a Euro thing. It's a toughness thing. Marginal skill with zero ability to take a hit is not the type of player I want on the team.

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