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Originally Posted by zeke View Post
Line 1

C T.Bozak (26): 11gms, 3gls, 7pts, 9ht, 4bk, 57.7fo%, 21:00 (82gms, 22gls, 52pts, 67ht, 30bk)
C T.Plekanec (30): 10gms, 6gls, 10pts, 2ht, 3bk, 48.8fo%, 20:31 (82gms, 49gls, 82pts, 16ht, 25bk)

W P.Kessel (25): 11gms, 1gls, 7pts, 4ht, 4bk, 21:23 (82gms, 8gls, 52pts, 30ht, 30bk)
W B.Gionta (33): 10gms, 2gls, 5pts, 11ht, 3bk, 18:47 (82gms, 16gls, 41pts, 90ht, 25bk)

W J.VanRyk (23): 11gms, 6gls, 7pts, 11ht, 3bk, 18:08 (82gms, 45gls, 52pts, 82ht, 22bk)
W R.Bourque (31): 10gms, 3gls, 7pts, 12ht, 4bk, 17:31 (82gms, 25gls, 57pts, 98ht, 33bk)

Line 2

C M.Grabovski (28): 11gms, 3gls, 5pts, 7ht, 5bk, 55.0fo%, 18:19 (82gms, 22gls, 37pts, 52ht, 37bk)
C D.Desharnais (26): 10gms, 3gls, 5pts, 2ht, 5bk, 45.2fo%, 16:49 (82gms, 25gls, 41pts, 16ht, 41bk)

W N.Kulemin (26): 11gms, 1gls, 6pts, 23ht, 5bk, 18:28 (82gms, 8gls, 45pts, 172ht, 37bk)
W M.Pacioretty (24): 6gms, 0gls, 6pts, 7ht, 3bk, 16:24 (82gms, 0gls, 82pts, 96ht, 41bk)

W L.Komarov (25): 11gms, 0gls, 2pts, 40ht, 7bk, 13:06 (82gms, 0gls, 15pts, 298ht, 52bk)
W E.Cole (34): 10gms, 2gls, 4pts, 25ht, 3bk, 16:05 (82gms, 16gls, 33pts, 205ht, 25bk)

Line 3

C N.Kadri (22): 11gms, 3gs, 9pts, 11ht, 3bk, 45.4fo%, 14:17 (82gms, 22gls, 67pts, 82ht, 22bk)
C A.Galchenyuk (18): 10gms, 1gls, 7pts, 1ht, 3bk, 45.8fo%, 12:13 (82gms, 8gls, 57pts, 8ht, 25bk)

W M.Frattin (24): 8gms, 6gls, 8pts, 11ht, 2bk, 12:38 (82gms, 62gls, 82pts, 113ht, 21bk)
W B.Gallagher (20): 9gms, 4gls, 6pts, 20ht, 3bk, 11:05 (82gms, 36gls, 55pts, 182ht, 27bk)

W C.MacArthur (27): 8gms, 1gls, 2pts, 6ht, 2bk, 14:57 (82gms, 10gls, 21pts, 62ht, 21bk)
W B.Prust (28): 10gms, 1gls, 3pts, 20ht, 6bk, 12:12 (82gms, 8gls, 25pts, 164ht, 49bk)

Line 4

C J.McClement (29): 11gms, 1gls, 2pts, 18ht, 6bk, 40.4fo%, 14:43 (82gms, 8gls, 15pts, 134ht, 45bk)
C L.Eller (23): 8gms, 1gls, 3pts, 13ht, 5bk, 49.0fo%, 13:21 (82gms, 10gls, 31pts, 133ht, 51bk)

W F.McLaren (25): 3gms, 0gls, 0pts, 2ht, 0bk, 5:14 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, 55ht, 0bk)
W T.Moen (30): 9gms, 0gls, 1pts, 12ht, 5bk, 11:14 (82gms, 0gls, 9pts, 109ht, 46bk)

W C.Orr (30): 11gms, 0gls, 0pts, 15ht, 3bk, 5:09 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, 112ht, 22bk)
W C.Armstrong (29): 10gms, 0gls, 0pts, 13ht, 6bk, 10:56 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, 107ht, 49bk)

Pair 1

D D.Phaneuf (27): 11gms, 0gls, 1pts, 26ht, 19bk, 27:35 (82gms, 0gls, 8pts, 194ht, 142bk)
D A.Markov (34): 10gms, 4gls, 10pts, 6ht, 13bk, 25:01 (82gms, 33gls, 82pts, 49ht, 107bk)

D K.Holzer (24): 4gms, 1gls, 1pts, 11ht, 9bk, 19:20 (82gms, 21gls, 21pts, 226ht, 185bk)
D A.Emelin (26): 10gms, 0gls, 2pts, 42ht, 8bk, 20:19 (82gms, 0gls, 16pts, 344ht, 66bk)

Pair 2

D J.Liles (32): 11gms, 0gls, 4pts, 16ht, 19bk, 20:31 (82gms, 0gls, 30pts, 119ht, 142bk)
D R.Diaz (26): 10gms, 0gls, 9pts, 6ht, 18bk, 19:01 (82gms, 0gls, 74pts, 49ht, 148bk)

D M.Kostka (27): 11gms, 0gls, 4pts, 11ht, 18bk, 24:52 (82gms, 0gls, 30pts, 82ht, 134bk)
D J.Gorges (28): 10gms, 1gls, 1pts, 10ht, 29bk, 20:42 (82gms, 8gls, 8pts, 82ht, 258bk)

Pair 3

D C.Franson (25): 8gms, 1gls, 5pts, 18ht, 3bk, 14:05 (82gms, 10gls, 51pts, 185ht, 31bk)
D P.Subban (23): 4gms, 2gls, 4pts, 6ht, 5bk, 18:58 (82gms, 41gls, 82pts, 123ht, 103bk)

D M.Fraser (26): 8gms, 0gls, 1pts, 23ht, 7bk, 11:30 (82gms, 0gls, 10pts, 236ht, 72bk)
D F.Bouillon (37): 10gms, 0gls, 4pts, 19ht, 7bk, 19:40 (82gms, 0gls, 33pts, 156ht, 57bk)

Starting Goalies

G J.Reimer (24): 8gms, 4-3-0, 2.61gaa, 0so, .918sv%
G C.Price (25): 8gms, 6-2-0, 1.74gaa, 0so, .936sv%

Backup Goalies

G B.Scrivens (26): 4gms, 2-2-0, 2.70gaa, 0so, .892sv%
G P.Budaj (30): 2gms, 0-1-1, 4.32gaa, 0so, .866sv%

Injured / Suspended

W J.Lupul (29): 3gms, 0gls, 0pts, 6ht, 1bk, 15:24 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, 164ht, 27bk)
D J.Gardiner (22): 2gms, 0gls, 0pts, 1ht, 3bk, 19:28 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, 41ht, 123bk)
D C.Gunnarsson (26): 7gms, 1gls, 3pts, 7ht, 5bk, 20:49 (82gms, 12gls, 35pts, 82ht, 59bk)
W M.Brown (27): 5gms, 0gls, 0pts, 4ht, 0bk, 4:25 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, 66ht, 0bk)


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