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02-09-2013, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by YogiCanucks View Post
I just don't get all the Booth hate. All I heard before last season was how we needed a big bodied forward who could play in our top 6 and drive the net. That's pretty much what we have in Booth, plus he's a work horse who can skate really fast.

Yes I'd prefer he was 6' 3" 220lb with a bit more speed, harder hits, Schroeder passing, elite vision, slightly better shot, with more 1on1 moves, who can play center, defensively sound, better fighter....

stop nitpicking..

EDIT: To bring this back to Kesler. He's a GREAT defensive player who's build his game around hard work. He's shown he can produce offensively but I believe he should never be put in a situation to 'produce' offense unless he's the secondary threat on the line. Put him with guys who work hard and hustle, shut down a line and the offense will come.
The Booth hate stems from 1 goal in his last 20 games last year... a pointless one against the Oilers. And now two long stretches on the IR already.

Also, Kesler and Booth played awful together, there was no creativity or play making(not like Booth will ever be able to do this) but why ruin Kesler by saddling him with Booth?

IMO Booth should be on the third line skating around bumping into guys and trying to jam the puck in the net. He's basically a really fast grinder that's terrible in his own end anyways. The Raymond and Kassians of this year >>> Booth last year.

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