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02-09-2013, 05:45 PM
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You guys prob won't care, but Ill give you guys a outside perspective on the oilers this year. And I come in peace. ( I watched about 75% of the oilers game this year)

Here are about 10 reasons why I believe the oilers are having troubles this year.

1 - This team can't score 5-5, The system you guys run requires a top end puck moving D-man, While you have Justin schultz who is a stud, he is not quite there to dominate the blueline.

2 - The oilers are SOFT, This is the same problem the canucks have had for years and finally are trying to address it. You guys need top skilled players who are BIG and can SCORE. Goons will not help.

3 - While you guys have some great top end talent, with hall and eberle, yakupov, schultz, etc. They are having trouble staying healthy, which also is a big part about being too small right now.

4 - Defense is simply bad, Other then schultz and smid, it's pretty bare, and it's not getting any better.

5 - Refuse to crash in bang in the corners, having trouble winning the small 1-1 battles around the ice.

6 - Simply put, the lack of scoring from top end guys has been an issue, could easily get fixed, they have the talent.

7 - Lack of depth, which is tambo's fault at drafting (and the scouts).

8 - Loser mentality. From "oil change" I noticed they talked a ton about the positives about losses, IMO there are no positives about losses, it's about winning, not losing. Sure it's nice if somebody gets a hatty, but if they lose who cares.

9 - Whitney

10 - no true identity. Is this a fast speed team?, is this team trying to be defensive reliable?, Is this team a scoring team with movement, or a dump and chase style. Coaching deserves a hit as well.

Just a few points, flame away!

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