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Auctions Game Bids Thread (Day 4)


Central Commish: Datsyuk Dangles
Pacific Commish: Water Knight
Atlantic Commish: BigBenSF
Southeast Commish: JayP812
Northwest Commish: CoachBadkitten
Northeast Commish: Pitt's Best #87 #66

To place a bid on a player wait for the day his team goes up for auction, then send a PM to the Division Commissioner including your team name, the player you're bidding for, and the amount you're bidding in the title. Example below:

Any bids that are not formatted like that will be ignored entirely.

Please do not post in the Bids thread, as they are for checking the highest bids and seeing if you got said players only. Any posts in the division threads will be ignored.

League Chatzy:

Also, each team will get one pardon. How pardons will work is if that team wins two starting goalies, for example, they can use a pardon to not win one of those goalies. The next highest bid will win the goalie that the team used a pardon on. Be very careful in using this since you will only get one.

Cap is 85 million.


Five of the commishes have gotten together and discussed making a more fair way for bids on the best players. We've come to a solution we all really like: the three best/most popular (determined by Commish) players from every team will have their own thread (so 6 threads) where you can bid for an extra half hour after 10PM EST. We feel this will make it more fair and also won't be hard on time.


- same as regular but no pms, make a post in the thread with team, player, offer
- no talkback in the threads, going to be cluttered enough
- starts at 10:01 EST, ends at 10:30 EST
- bidding will start at whatever the highest pm bids where for the 3 players

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