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07-05-2006, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangerFan View Post
As I see it, we've got to let the team continue to develop - hopefully the power forward comes from the minors (c'mon Hugh, time to start making strides!). If he doesn't, well then when you've got all the other pieces, you trade for that last piece.
Getting all the other pieces isn't going to be easy either.

Other than Staal and Montoya (which some people would debate), there are few blue chip prospects in the Rangers organization. Now don't get me wrong, obviously players can develop and I personally am high on Korpikoski and guys like Dubinsky, Sauer and Ryan but there aren't players who impartial observers would point to as the sniper of the future or that future #1 center.

The Rangers best prospects probably won't be key contributors for another 3 or 4 years, at the earliest. By that time, most of the current Rangers key contributors like Jagr, Nylander, Kasparaitis and Malik will be past their current contracts. Straka was already mulling over going back to Europe and this upcoming season is probably his last. The problem the Rangers face is that they've got older players and mostly younger prospects who haven't even sniffed the NHL. Prucha, Tyutin and Rachunek (maybe) are basically it as far as young NHL talent with bigger upside goes. Guys like D. Moore and Hollweg aren't going to become top 6 talents.

I have to think the Rangers are looking at being able to trade for a younger RFA who might change teams because of an arbitration award or holdout. If not, it will be something I'm sure they'll be looking for in the coming season or two. Of course, there's always next season's crop of younger UFA's.

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