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02-09-2013, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by hokijanari View Post
As expected, you failed to understand my point. I didn't say you have to look behind the Blues' scoreboard. I haven't seen enough games from the Blues, so I can't say if they're playing bad or not at the moment. You can lose a game 6-1, but it doesn't tell you everything. What if your goalie can't catch a thing in the first period and you're down 3-0. Then players frustrate and it's game over, no matter how well you play in the first.

Or. You can lose a game 3-1, which seems like a pretty close game. But actually one of the goalies stood on his head and that's why the game was that close. Meanwhile the rest of the team got ran over. Sounds like a game that the Wild played in Anaheim, eh?

What I'm saying is that the 4-5-1 record of the Wild actually flatters the team. The play itself has been total crap since the beginning. In the season opener it was the first PP unit that won the game for the Wild. I think beyond that the Avs were on the driver's seat. And that's the way it has been all season.

Let's hope the direction changes tonight...
i didn't miss your point. I do not agree that the Wild have played poorly all of the time, and watching other teams around the league actually makes me feel better about how we're doing. I don't feel great about it--I'd much rather be at the top of the conference standings--but other skilled teams have been looking just as bad in stretches as we have, with no apparent reason, after having watched them play a great game. Fire this guy, trade this guy, strip the captaincy from this's all over-reaction. They're already moving rapidly into the progressive Fixing the Problem timeline by making pretty large changes in lines--a problem that is usually sorted by the end of preseason or shortly thereafter. And to that sources have said certain players are "On the Block" which would indicate that they are also actively attempting personnel changes, and you need partners for that so that is rarely an immediate fix. Had this been a full season we wouldn't have seen juggling on this scale yet. As it is, we're addressing the problems at the rate I'd expect for a truncated one.

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