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Simple question. What production has Paajarvi accomplished or contributed to this year or last?

One can talk about the rare offensive forays all one wants. MPS is a poor offensive player and cycle player. At best he's somebody that can rush the puck with speed and bring it to the net the odd times he's so inclined.

Funny the way you mention Harti as he's the player that can sustain the puck in dangerous areas. I like the looks of him playing with talent more than Paajarvi right now who handles the puck like its a live grenade.
MPS is an offensive catalyst, in other words he is the leader in developing the overall offensive thrust of the line on the ice, this doesnt mean he is scoring points at a torrid pace it means he is consistantly creating opportunitys for others to score, wether they score or not is testament to the system and their skillsets not to MPSs ability to catalyse the offense from within the system. MPS and Gagner both learned to be catalysts the same way and at about the same times, Sam first then MPS. MPS is a 2 way defensive specialist. There is no way we will keep MPS off the top 2 lines , they need his speed and size and defensive awareness not his pure offense there was never a better fit, as he gains experience MPS will develop the onetimer like Kurri did, just watch for it because it allows them to get back defensively if they use that shot selection. It also lets them enter the o-zone with possesion and make themselves the recipient of a give and go for the onetimer and maintain that defensive stance.

Hartikainen is an energy player cut and dried, he can really control the puck along the boards and he is very very active with his body movements trying to draw penaltys he looks like Laraque along the boards when he has possesion, but that is an energy players move as is his netfront presence and middle lane rush, and he doesnt fight.
I like Hartikainen but he is nowhere near MPSs league yet and he is being slotted into spots better suited to MPS actually watching them play together is awsome as their skillsets work well together and they are like two bulls in a china shop add Pettrell and they are a force to be reckoned with. This is a coaching decision based on non-system parameters, this is a coaches flavor choice. The best place for Harti is on the 3rd line with step up opportunity but when Jones returns then its back to the 4th line as an energy guy. Harti doesnt catalyse offense he trys to capitalise and there is a difference which is why his energy role is important , it just isnt important enough to crack out top 6, there are way better energy guys all over the NHL that are proven already that wouldnt crack our top 6.

We dont want MPS to cycle the puck, we want him to use his size and speed to gain zone entrys and then we want thim to use that elite speed to backcheck into defensive position, we want |Hartikainen to cycle the puck and dominate the middle and the netfront you have it backwards, MPS creates offense and Harti "recieves it".

This is exactly why we need MPS on the 2nd line with Gagner and Yakupov because with MPS there both Sam and Nail become viable shooting options for 60 mins and this doubles their goal production because Gagner is also an elite shooter and scorer. This dynamic happens because MPS can gain the o-zone differently than Hemmer and not need to posses the puck so much to get the job done. Hemmer will outscore MPS in goals handsdown but in Hemmers place MPS would generate more goals for the 2nd line from his linemates than Hemmer could. And Hemsky would provide the exact same goal production from the 3rd lne as the 2nd because of his possesion game. we dont want MPS to score from the 2nd line we want him catalysing offense so Sammy can shoot to and we want him being defensively aware and responsible so he can always be the first forward back. Hartikainen cannot provide all of these tangible dynamics and still maximise his personal skillset. Put him with Yak and Smyth see below.

Ryan smyth seems to still be a puck magnet when he is on the ice, it seems to me he might be a good setup man for Yakupov as Ryan has elite puck pursuit and often breaks it loose and gains possesion at weird times which is a perfect fit for a guy like Yakupov who can release the puck instantly from anywhere. They might have some weird majic who knows. Might be something to try out while we are suffering from the injury bug. One thing is for sure and that is that when we finally knock this offensive monkey off of our backs we are going to go supernove on some poor unsuspecting opponent. We just need to find the trigger and hold it down.

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